24/7 Emergency Garage Door Opener Repair Malibu

garage door opener repair malibu caFor years, owners who wanted to automate their garage doors had just 3 choices: belt, screw or chain driven openers. Thanks to the introduction of direct-drive models and the residential jack shaft, this has changed. Malibu Express Garage Door Repair offers professional, quick garage door opener repair malibu and replacement options. Phone us today, we match or beat ANY competitors price and coupons and money saving options, and accept ALL competitors coupons. We never an overtime or after hours charge.

Standard Garage Door Openers

Chain-driven models of openers involve a chain similar to that on a bicycle. The chain pulls or pushes a carriage which is connected to the metal bar, or J-arm, that is affixed to your garage door. If you have a bedroom above the garage, the noise that comes with metal-to-metal contact can be a nuisance. However, newer models with DC motors and softer start-stop technology are a lot quieter.

Belt-driven openers are similar to the above, but the reinforced belt pushes and pulls the trolley. The belts are usually made of polyurethane, steel-enforced rubber or fiberglass.

As for screw-driven openers, the trolley tends to ride on a steel rod and the motor rotates that rod. Manufacturers claim that this system requires less maintenance than others. But they do run the trouble in climates that have a major difference in temperatures between seasons.

One of our knowledgeable, awesome technicians will be able to recommend the best option for your garage door opener repair and replacement.

Direct-Drive and Jack shaft Openers for Garage Doors

Jack shaft openers are different to other systems in that they mount on a wall next to your garage door. A DC motor then drives cables and pulleys that will turn the torsion spring and open the door. The motor is then reversed and the cable tension loosens to lower the door. This is a quiet and reliable system and it means your ceiling is free for storage.

Direct-drive units are said to be the quietest of all. If you’re considering garage door opener repair and replacement, talk to a knowledgeable technician from the Malibu Express Garage Door Repair company about your best options. All our trucks are fully stocked with the tools and materials to perform a repair or replacement right away. We also work on almost all types of garage doors. New Garage Doors.

Do You Need Garage Door Opener Services?

Automatic garage door openers have made coming and going from your house an absolute pleasure. From rolling doors to panel doors and more, we stock openers for a range of door types.

What’s more, give us a call and we’ll come out within the hour to assess your needs, furnish you with a free estimate and start the job. We also offer 24/7 emergency services and do not charge extra for weekend of evening consultations.

All our technicians at our locally-owned and run company are experienced, highly trained, fully licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

We offer a warranty on all parts and labor and strive for 100% satisfaction from all our customers.

Why live with a door that is inoperable and dangerous? Give the Malibu Express Garage Door Repair company a call today for all your garage door opener repair and replacement needs.