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garage door panel repair malibu caGarage doors are a stylish addition to the appearance of your home. What’s more, a fully functional door is a nice convenience to have, as well as an added security measure.

However, your garage door ceases to become as reliable and useful if its panels become defective due to wear and tear. This is an inconvenience for several reasons; besides giving an unsightly appearance, the damaged panel can hamper the proper functioning of the entire garage door system. That’s when you will need professional garage door panel repair malibu from the experts at Malibu Express Garage Door Repair. We have 5 Star Customer Reviewed Technicians – top notch. Call today!

Dents and Breaks in Garage Door Panels

Garage doors can take a fair amount of abuse. A noticeable dent can be left in the panel if you mistakenly press the gas pedal instead of the break or even if your child dumps into a door panel with a skateboard or bike. Dents also occur when the panels are hit with a pebble or ball, and sometimes when hit by strong weather conditions such as extreme hail.

In some cases, these kinds of dings and dents aren’t bad enough to alter the performance of the door. However, some dents or breaks can affection functioning and that’s when you need to call one of our skilled technicians.

Cracked Panel Repair and Replacement

In some instances, garage door panels can indeed be fixed. With the help of additional struts you could possibly strengthen the cracked panel and give the door some extra strength. However, some panels can break beyond repair and will require a garage door panel replacement. Our technicians can ensure the replaced panels match your garage door perfectly, so the aesthetics of your home’s exterior are never compromised.Garage Door Off Track Repair.

Get Expert Advice

Call us for professional repair services and we’ll come out within the hour to issue you with a free estimate. Try to get the problem resolved as soon as possible to avoid ending up with more serious garage door issues down the line. 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not happy, we refund your money and you don’t pay!